Aitor 12/21/2019

We all stare at our phones when we are bored. It is natural to reach out for entertainment when you have it at the palm of your hand. Some people like to play games and that’s alright, as long as it is done moderately and for fun and not for profit. However, there is something […]

Aitor 11/29/2019

We all got used to typing on phones with the old layout, where three letters were on each button, the seven and nine having four letters per button. Then, QWERTY phones entered the market and were embraced by some, but shunned by others. Not long after touchscreen phones came to the market and people embraced […]

Aitor 10/20/2019

Video games are without a doubt one of the most popular ways of entertainment. Children love them, adolescents, as well as adults, not to mention people way over their 60s. There have been videos of the elderly playing Counter Strike: Global Offensive and giving the younger generations a run for their money. CS: GO is […]

Aitor 09/13/2019

In this article, I am going to talk about torrents and the subject of piracy. Some people use these terms interchangeably and, admittedly, there is some overlapping. What is a torrent, and how is it used? Torrents The original meaning of the word signified fast streaming of water. These days, however, the word takes on […]

Aitor 08/19/2019

Cryptocurrencies. They were quite a big deal in 2017, when nobody on this planet could purchase a graphics card unless they had superhuman reflexes and their internet connection was appropriately fast. Well, and if they wanted to pay double the card’s price. You had better odds betting on sports (way better if you used Betway […]

Aitor 07/10/2019

Connectivity, it is one of the most dominant goals of the tech industry. Every device is connected and data can be relayed from anywhere to anywhere. This sounds like the future, but in reality, it is already here, albeit on a much, much smaller scale. This is called the Internet of Things. Smart homes already […]

Aitor 06/14/2019

Security is important, and being safe is what people often do while traveling, or even walking to a local store. If you know that you are carrying a lot of cash on you, you will want to stay safe and keep the money stored in a locked compartment of your backpack or even jacket. Just […]

Aitor 05/10/2019

One of the things that are sure to be the reaction of the people when they hear that a video game is getting a movie adaptation is the fear that it will suck. It is still amazing that a petition and outrage made a change in the design for the blue hedgehog in the upcoming […]

Aitor 03/18/2019

You have, no doubt, noticed that the last year was filled with the updated cookie policies. Portals like 9gag, Reddit, and others have frequently joked about the annoyance regular users felt every time they visited their favorite website after a while. The truth is that the updated cookie policy is the result of GDPR. GDPR […]