Aitor 07/10/2019

Connectivity, it is one of the most dominant goals of the tech industry. Every device is connected and data can be relayed from anywhere to anywhere. This sounds like the future, but in reality, it is already here, albeit on a much, much smaller scale.

This is called the Internet of Things. Smart homes already exist, which can be controlled via voice commands, not to mention standard remotes. Even your washing machine can be signalled to start from far away, not to mention your car to drive to your location, without a valet.

The IoT is also going to change the world of online gaming (although we’re still not sure if that includes online casino games that many people play with promotions like the BetVictor Casino Bonus), and here is how.

More Devices – More Gamers

Even children have access to mobile phones in this day and age. Some would argue that children should not use mobile phones or tablets until a certain age, others encourage it as a potential tool for learning and development. The more people join in and pick up mobile devices, the more people will pick up video games.

Online video games are very popular, especially due to their social aspect. Some may call video game communities toxic, yet they still love playing with other people. It is in human nature to socialize and online video games provide us with that opportunity.

Increased Connectivity Means Increased Availability

Games are available on mobile devices and on consoles, not to mention desktops. With everyone having access to the internet now, and fast internet, people can play games from wherever they are, provided that the connection is stable. Online games require a stable connection to prevent jitter and packet loss. Modern WiFi is getting better and better, allowing huge packets of data, meaning faster and more stable internet.

Mobile Gaming is Part of the Future

Technology getting smaller means that even consoles and desktop computers are getting better and cheaper, but, mobile phones might be the next thing of the future. They will probably never overthrow their larger brothers, mostly due to hardware limits, but they will enable many people to play mobile games competitively.

The mobile market is already one of the most profitable markets for video games so it is definitely the next thing to look at.

Sensors Mean More Data

Mobile phones have lots of sensors which enable users to play various games which they wouldn’t be able to otherwise. Even Virtual Reality gaming is possible on mobile phones, but what is more, developers can get access to the users’ data, allowing them to correct and develop new games much more efficiently.

The gaming industry is going to shift the more devices get connected. It is probably not going to be such a fast shift, but in time, we are going to see more mobile video games.