Aitor 11/29/2019

We all got used to typing on phones with the old layout, where three letters were on each button, the seven and nine having four letters per button. Then, QWERTY phones entered the market and were embraced by some, but shunned by others. Not long after touchscreen phones came to the market and people embraced them. They became cheap to make and allowed for various options to be added. Searching the internet became very fast, but, voice search is starting to take over. This means that things will be changing, many things, and not just the speed of searching. Here are some things which we can expect to change with widespread voice search adoption.

Faster Searches – More Money

As soon as someone completes a search, they get access to various sites, results, and, advertisements. The sooner they complete a search, the sooner they will find they way onto a site which will also have advertisements. Sites which offer services or products will also be quicker to find.

Restaurants, cafes, clubs and the like will all benefit from this, because tourists love searching for nearby objects where they can eat or have fun. This is just one way in which businesses will benefit, the other being advertisements and SEO optimization.

Digital Marketing – Voice SEO Dominance

It is expected that over half of mobile users will start using voice search by 2020. That means a significant number of users will switch to a different set of keywords. Spoken language is very fast and saving time by typing ungrammatical phrases will be in the past. You could speak whatever it is you want to search and still do it faster than typing various strange phrases which only search engines understand.

Likewise, digital marketing experts are already adjusting for this change of medium and are adapting their key words and marketing campaigns accordingly.

Search Engine Assistants Will Provide Useful Data

Each of the major services like Google and Microsoft, not to mention Apple, have their own search assistants. They provide information via speaker if you turn on those features. If you ask questions, they usually answer with the top result, which may or may not be relevant to your query. But, they will also collect search engine data, including voice search and provide different answers to different questions.

This is important for marketing, because optimizing for all assistants is a difficult and time consuming task, which also requires money. Someone has to get paid for the optimization.

Copywriters Must Also Adapt

With these search assistants reading out answers to users, the written content needs to be adjusted, otherwise the sentences will not be favored by the search engine, or rather, they will sound horrible when read out loud.

Copywriters need to adapt and write more search assistant-friendly sentences. The market is evolving and with it, everyone needs to adapt in order to earn.

These are the parts of the online world which will be most impacted by voice searches becoming dominant. Other areas might be affected, but not as severely.