Aitor 06/14/2019

Security is important, and being safe is what people often do while traveling, or even walking to a local store. If you know that you are carrying a lot of cash on you, you will want to stay safe and keep the money stored in a locked compartment of your backpack or even jacket.

Just like you would keep your valuables secure while walking or traveling, so will you want to keep your data secure when browsing the internet. Computers are generally much, much safer when not connected to the internet and for a simple reason of not being able to contract anything through a lack of communication and likewise, not being able to send any data.

Virtual Private Networks, or VPNs, come in handy here, just like other tools like antiviruses and anti malware software. Here is why VPNs should be considered by everyone browsing the internet.

Accessing Restricted Sites

Some sites might be off limits and you might not be able to access them. For example, if you want to use the PlanetPerplex William Hill promo code from a country where it is restricted. Or when your network has a firewall – for example, China restricts access to many western sites like Twitter. People who travel to China connect to a VPN in order to be able to bypass and access these sites.

These can also be used when browsing through a public WiFi. Public WiFis tend to be unsecured and everyone can see your data if they are familiar with how data logging works. Connecting to a VPN solves this, and you can, for example, browse sites like online casinos and sportsbooks where you are likely to enter some sensitive data.

A VPN essentially offers a virtual private connection where you connect to their servers first, and through them, you access the rest of the internet in a much more secure way. This is great for bypassing restrictions such as business firewalls or those which cover an entire country, like that of China.

Geolocation Restrictions

If you ever tried to view a video and it said that it wasn’t available in your country due to geolocation restrictions, then you surely know the disappointment which comes with that epiphany. Using a VPN provides you with access to any video or audio content, given that VPNs are located everywhere in the world and it is likely that you can find a server in a country which has access to your chosen media.

Security and Safety

If data logging is not enough, then your own ISP might do tracking and logging. That can be scary, knowing that all your information is stored somewhere and that it might be used against you at a moment’s notice. People often turn to VPNs if they want to keep themselves safe while browsing the internet. A VPN is an extra layer of protection through which any virus or ISP would have to go through. VPNs are also used to hide your computer when downloading torrents, even completely legal ones. Some countries are downright torrent-unfriendly, to the point where they are stigmatized.