admin 06/09/2022

The AI that has the world buzzing, known as LaMDA (Language Model for Dialogue Applications), is a system that scrapes reams and reams of material from the internet to create chatbots — AI robots built to interact with people — by employing algorithms to answer queries. What makes is special is that it makes the […]

Aitor 04/11/2020

Streaming, it is what is in and cool today. Many people, most of whom planned on attending schools and learning new skills, decided to try out streaming. People stream anything, from video games to educational content, music or even simple chatting, not to mention podcasts and entire shows. All of these things are profitable and […]

Aitor 03/24/2020

Smartphones have started dominating the market, both for applications and video games. People have started wondering should they start directing their developers and marketing teams towards the mobile phones. Larger companies started making products related to mobile phones, as this is a very dynamic market, where everyone brings a new device every year and often […]

Aitor 01/17/2020

Connectivity, fast internet and mobile devices. These things are changing the world, and for the better. Some would argue that children should use devices less and spend more time outside, to which Niantic created Pokemon Go. All jokes aside, the world we live in allows us to be connected to the internet wherever we have […]

Aitor 11/29/2019

We all got used to typing on phones with the old layout, where three letters were on each button, the seven and nine having four letters per button. Then, QWERTY phones entered the market and were embraced by some, but shunned by others. Not long after touchscreen phones came to the market and people embraced […]

Aitor 08/19/2019

Cryptocurrencies. They were quite a big deal in 2017, when nobody on this planet could purchase a graphics card unless they had superhuman reflexes and their internet connection was appropriately fast. Well, and if they wanted to pay double the card’s price. You had better odds betting on sports (way better if you used Betway […]

Aitor 06/14/2019

Security is important, and being safe is what people often do while traveling, or even walking to a local store. If you know that you are carrying a lot of cash on you, you will want to stay safe and keep the money stored in a locked compartment of your backpack or even jacket. Just […]