Aitor 01/17/2020

Connectivity, fast internet and mobile devices. These things are changing the world, and for the better. Some would argue that children should use devices less and spend more time outside, to which Niantic created Pokemon Go.

All jokes aside, the world we live in allows us to be connected to the internet wherever we have cell phone coverage, which is a lot of the planet. Some far away areas like islands, might not have good reception, but anywhere on the continents, aside gigantic mountain tops, you should be able to have good reception and thus, connection. This allowed the emergence of a new type of people, going back to the roots of humanity, digital nomads.

Work and Travel

People who earn lots of money by working online, whether freelancing or by doing remote work for a company, are able to travel and change their location every once in a while. People have found various ways of making this work. Some prefer spending one or two months in a single city or country and then pick their backpacks up and leave.

This allows people to do what they most often want to, travel and explore, without sacrificing profit, actually, they end up saving money. There are a couple of ways this is possible.

Living on Wheels

Some people have figured out that buying fuel for a van is much cheaper than paying rent or buying a house or apartment. Living in a van is amazing, according to some people, especially if travel is what they are after. Working online allows for everything a person needs to travel from place to place and accommodation costs about as much as a decent van does, with some sheets and perhaps something akin to a bed.

People work as freelancers, or they embrace the nomad culture and show off their traveling adventures on Instagram or other social media, earning followers who support them regularly, whether by donating money directly or through a site like Patreon.

Teaches People About Responsibility

You are most likely going to be on your own, wherever you end up. You need to know the laws of a country, the details of their culture and other things which might end up being offensive, which are often implied, but to a foreigner, they are a mystery. Taking care of everything on your own is something you learn as you start traveling and working. Everything you own is with you, all the time. If you have a van, it is your home and as such, should be secure. On the other hand, getting robbed of the things you need to do work, like a laptop, would be detrimental. Responsibility is one of the main traits you end up learning as you travel and work.

Incredible Cultural and Social Opportunities

As you travel, you get to connect with people of different countries in person, which is a lot better and longer lasting than playing a game with them online. Such experiences are not easily forgotten and you would get to see them first hand.

Ever dreamed of visiting a country labelled exotic? Learn skills which you can sell online, buy a laptop and head out into the world. Exploring gets easier and better the more you do it. Finding great people along the way and exploring their cultures is a reward in itself, as is the freedom of movement and travel.